Woman smashes cousin’s Xbox with hammer as punishment for failing school


Getting your kids to come away from their game consoles to focus on their homework can be tricky.

But one woman who decided to take matters into her own hands when her aunt told her that her cousin was “failing all his classes” has divided opinions as some say her punishment was “unnecessary”.

With permission from her aunt Lilian, Laurin Naemi, 20, from Connecticut smashed her cousin Antonio’s Xbox with a hammer.

In the video that was shared to TikTok, Lilian was seen telling Laurin: “Do what you gotta do Laurin because he’s not listening to me.”

She went on to say: “Okay guys, little recap.

“My little cousin is failing all his classes because of his Xbox and his mum is getting sick and tired of it.

“So she said to do what you gotta do Laurin, so let’s see…”

Laurin then barges into her teenage cousin’s bedroom as he’s sat playing a video game called Fortnite and proceeds to unplug his Xbox as he pleads her to stop.

As he chases her down the stairs, Antonio says: “What are you doing bro? Give me my Xbox.”

“You don’t want to listen to your mum,” Laurin says as she throws the Xbox out the front door.

Unsurprisingly, Antonio is furious and starts yelling at his cousin before he goes back to the front door to get his mum.

“Mum, mum, Laurin just took my Xbox” he can be heard saying.

But when his back is turned, she takes matters one step further, smashing the game console with a hammer as she says: “I’m sorry… Actually, I’m not. Go get your grades up.”

When Laurin feels as though she’s done enough damage, she lets him pick up the Xbox.

He inspects it closer and then forcefully throws it on the ground himself.

Antonio later recovers his Xbox and is seen cradling it like a baby as he complains about the scratches on the outside.

The video has since racked up more than 10 million views on TikTok and 48,800 comments from users, with the majority of people saying that what she did was “unnecessary” and that “breaking it won’t get his grades up”.

One person wrote: “Why don’t we help him with his grades, and not take away his most valuable possession. Do better.”

Another said: “Could’ve just taken it away. That was very unnecessary.”

A third commented: “You could have given it to a kid who couldn’t afford it.”

“Line=crossed,” added another.

While one a fifth said: “Yo his mom is getting sick and tired of it? Ok here’s an idea. TAKE IT AWAY! I swear some parents be letting their kids do the raising”.

However, a few people pointed out that “an Xbox is replaceable” and that he shouldn’t have sworn at his aunt.

One user wrote: “Soo we aren’t gonna talk about the pc right next to him.”

Another added: “I was mad until I saw how rich they are.”

And: “As you should, put his Xbox in a tub of water and break it. He needs to learn. His Xbox will not teach him anything and it’s a privilege not a need.”