Camouflaged sniper hidden in forest baffles Brits as they struggle to spot him


A picture of a sniper hidden in the forest has left people scratching their heads as they struggle to locate him.

The brainteaser has been designed to demonstrate how easy it is for soldiers to disappear when wearing camouflage uniform that matches the surrounding terrain.

A solider – a member of the elite Special Reconnaissance Regiment, the British Army’s specialist covert observation unit – has managed to merge in with his surroundings as he monitors the movements of a potential enemy.

Members of the SRS, who are currently deployed in Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria, adopt disguises such as traditional Arab and Afghan dress and have been known to wear full-length burqas which allows them to blend into their surroundings.

But he’s hidden so well that Brits are unable to locate him…

The image sees a cliff face in a forest.

Surrounding the rock are a number of trees, some of which have entwined themselves through the stone.

Plenty of moss and foliage also sits amongst them, making it almost impossible for anyone to be able to point out the solider.

Have you managed to find him yet?

A military source said: “SRR operators have to be able to carry out missions in every environment – desert, rural, mountains, Arctic and even urban environments.

“That often means hiding in plain sight.

“In this picture, an operator is using his uniform to effectively disappear. With a little bit more camouflage he would be impossible to spot.”