Mum discovers daughter has been scamming her for pocket money with genius ploy


Helping out around the house to earn pocket money is one of the first big life lessons our parents teach us on our journey to adulthood.

Earning an income rather than just being handed one instills the value of money, hard work, and the tough realisation that nothing in life comes for free.

But one mum discovered her own daughter has been playing her for a fool – and others joked the little entrepreneur was already on her way to making her millions.

She explains that she has two daughters, 13-year-old Anna and Sue, who is 11. Now that Anna is a teenager, she came to the agreement with her mum to be paid for chores so she would have her own expendable income.

The arrangement appeared to be working well until the mum cottoned onto what her daughter had been doing.

One day when she left the house, she told Anna she would give her £14 to mow the lawn and tidy the garden, returning later to see the job had been done perfectly and paying up.

However, she later found out that Anna had been sub-contracting the work to her younger sister, paying Sue £7 to complete the job and keeping £7 for herself as a fee for brokering the deal.

The mum was left torn over how to handle the situation, writing on Reddit: “Now I haven’t mentioned this to Anna, but I am uncertain how to approach it.

“On one hand, the work got done and Anna paid her sister what was promised. On the other hand, Anna did not tell me how she did it, but I never really asked. She simply told me that she made sure that the yard work was done, and it did get done.

“In a way, it was like she subcontracted the work to her sister, or delegated responsibility. Part of me is kind of proud of how she handled it, but another part of me is wondering if she exploited her sister, despite the fact she paid her and Sue was alright with doing it.”

After asking for advice, one joked: “Good thing you don’t have a third even younger child.”

A second said: “In all seriousness, start educating her about entrepreneurship, business and management. She’s got a knack for it.”

But others came forward with more serious suggestions, saying: “Tell Anna that you intend to save yourself £14 from now on and cut out the middleman and start dealing directly with Sue.

“Once Anna realises she’s getting nothing she might start doing it herself.”